Six Fantastic Reasons to Take Your Child to BabyBallers

Children all develop a bond with the beautiful game in their own way. Give your child a step in the right direction with BabyBallers

One: It All Starts with a Kick

If you put your child in front a ball, almost every time they are most likely to kick it. Kicking a ball is a skill that comes naturally to most children. There’s something about a spherical object that most kids, can’t help but to kick it. And it’s so satisfying to watch. At BabyBallers, we don’t expect the children to be skilful straight away. That all comes with time. All we care for, is that they have umpteen amounts of fun! Watching your child running and laughing whilst chasing after a ball at their feet, is powerful, happy memory that will last forever. And it could also be the start of a spectacular journey for them and you.

Two: Invite Their Friends

Children forming that special bond with other peers is a treasure to see. The small unexpected gestures of pure kindness and cuteness to one another, it melts your hearts because that’s your little superstar that just gave another child the biggest hug. Children love to share their favourite experiences with their friends and the tempo of fun is usually heightened. At BabyBallers we encourage them to share the ball and work together. With their peers they can share fun and laughter, and these are little things that will make that special bond even cuter. These classes don’t just have to be for your children to make friends, think of BabyBallers as a social class for yourself too.

Three: Play for Fun

Fun is the ultimate goal for any child and if something is fun, they will want to do it at any opportunity they can. And as they play football and enjoy it at the same time, it’s a win win all round. At the ages of two, three, four and five, children aren’t concerned much about competition, they’re usually more concerned about having fun. At BabyBallers they won’t even notice that they are improving their skills along the way. From their coordination to balance to strength, you’ll notice astonishing improvements from your child. You’d be surprised but helping and putting things away is another fun task for children. It gives them a sense of adult-ness. At the end of our classes, everyone helps to tidy up the equipment. It’s quite funny to watch the kids get excited about putting things away, and it’s a trait they may use at home to put their toys away too. Hopefully, it’s a trait that will last until they’re a teen.

Four: Show Them the Basics

BabyBallers coaches are trained to upskill children without them even knowing it. As well as kicking a ball, there’s no harm in teaching the basics of shooting and controlling the ball, it also adds a little more fun to their time with us. It’s absolutely crucial to us to remain calm and patient throughout our sessions. Everything takes time, the two most powerful warriors are patience and time. If your child doesn’t seem interested or is struggling to follow instructions in the first few weeks, give them time and be patient, 99.9% of the time they just need to settle in. After a few weeks they’ll get right into swing of things. Although, if we see that they aren’t too interested, we simply ramp up the fun – there’s no hurry.

Five: Watch a Match Together

Children seem to become interested in football after watching it on the big screen. When they are in an environment, whether it’s at home on the TV or watching it at a stadium, or even watching a local team play in the park. The atmosphere of all these are very exciting for them. For them, watching others fixated on a football game, makes them want to watch and see what the big fuss is about. Football is the nation’s most popular sport after all, why not enlighten them of the beautiful game we all come together to watch and support. Once they have experienced the exciting buzz of watching a game, they can bring those high spirits to BabyBallers and kick a ball around just like their favourite football stars.

Six: Learning is Fun

This seems like a cliché quote but actually, at BabyBallers incorporating learning in to football often doesn’t even seem like there’s learning involved. Our games and sessions include learning numbers, colours and shapes to start them off for pre-school. It may even be an idea to introduce them to your favourite team. Just like from our mums, dads or even grandparents we learnt that football is a game of passion, loyalty and allegiance. There’s no harm in learning about football teams and the players that you love, most of us have found love for the same football teams as a whoever taught us.

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