Procedures regarding Coronavirus

Here is the latest advice advice from the government regarding the Coronavirus:


The steps we will take

Coach Procedures

  1. All coaches to let any franchisee’s know whether they have been out of the country and have shown any symptoms relating to the current virus,
  2. All coaches are required to wash their hands on arrival at the hall, after each session and at the end of the of the club.
  3. Hand sanitiser to be bought to every session.
  4. All equipment to be wiped down with antibacterial wipes before each class and after the class.

Parent & Child Procedures

We would like to ask all parents and children to also follow the guidelines and insuring the below action is taken by the parent and child

  1. Parents and child to use the hand sanitiser provided on entrance to the hall,
  2. Parents and child to sanitise hands after sneezing and coughing,
  3. Parents and child to wash hands at the end of the each class.

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