Dates you need to know for the kids football season

The past few weeks have been all about preparation for the new football season, from transfers to club signings, the marketing campaigns to, of course, the launch of the new team kits. Not forgetting the success of the women’s football team – you’ve probably noticed that football is in full swing this summer!

The Football League starts on the last weekend of July with the Premier League following suit a week later on the 5th of August. With all of the ‘grown-up’ teams starting out that must leave you wondering, when do the kids get a turn?

So, get your diary out and make sure you’ve included these all-so-important dates in it ready for the kid’s football season!

September sees the return of youth football

Most youth football leagues kick their seasons off on the first weekend of September. Alongside many adult and Sunday Leagues which also get started during the ninth month of the year.

Prepared clubs would have been training for anywhere up to four or six weeks before that, playing friendly matches to get some practice in before starting their competitive fixtures a bit later on in the year.

Here at BabyBallers, as you know, we play just for fun, all year round, however, we always like to have all of the necessary information ready for us when the kids are getting older and moving onto a more competitive team. If you’re looking to get your child involved in a youth football team this season, then there really is no time like the present for doing it. Plus, isn’t it always better to get outside when the sun is shining – or, trying to break through the clouds in the UK’s case?

School Football Teams

It isn’t just youth football which kicks off in the first week of September, with the school academic year also starting in September it brings with it the return of school football teams starting a week or two after the kids go back. Once they’re settled into their new class, this is the perfect time to get your kids involved in afterschool clubs and spark their interest in football in this way. Plus, it’s also a great way for them to form new friendships and bond over their similar interests.

Summer Football

Of course, even if the football season hasn’t officially started this certainly doesn’t mean that kids can’t play football throughout the summer months. After all, July and August with the sun shining are the perfect months to get outside and have a kick about at your local park or green. There are also usually organised clubs which run throughout the summer holidays, either once a week or if your kids are really getting into the sport you can always look for a football summer camp for them. A great way for your child to get active, make new friends and learn even more about their favourite sport.

Make sure you’re prepared for the best season of the year! (Not that we’re biased at all). If your children aren’t at the age yet to join a football club then enquire about our clubs today. We start with BabyBallers where children can join from as young as 16 months, then move on to mini ballers, where we teach through play. Then finally our Ballers which we use to help improve their game further and give them a head start for when they join a team/club.

Find your nearest club here.

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